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Get Your Ducts In A Row…With Our New Line Of Duct Supports

Our New Line Of Duct Supports Is Here

Our newest line of HVAC duct supports are officially here. Our DS and DSW Series are designed to have fixed lengths for height and width. These are designed to be a plug and play product, and having the fixed lengths to choose from makes install easier than ever.

DSW Series duct supports

What Is So Different?

Our DSA & DSAW Series (as seen here) have adjustable telescopic crossbeams for maximum adjustability, however as we continue receiving requests from contractors to offer duct support with fixed heights and widths to choose from, we realized that there is a place for these products. The crossbar is supported by two 4-hole 90-degree fittings to reduce any twisting that could occur instead of two 2-hole 90-degree fittings that most competitors use.  Since the crossbeams are attached with spring nuts and bolts, the height of the crossbeam is adjustable and can be flipped over if you need to use the open end of the strut for clamps or pipe hangers. The vertical uprights are fastened with 8-hole wing fittings to the bases, which can either be on our CXP’s or our patented widebody CXW’s

Get Your Ducts In A Row

As with all of our product lines, we have the ability to mechanically fasten a  “slip sheet” to the C-Port recycled rubber bases to provide another layer of protection between the support and the roof membrane. We can do this with most roofing membranes. Adding the slip sheet to the product also gives the contractor the ability to adhere (or torch) the slip sheet to the roof membrane. Alternatively, we can also make these with our seismic rod application to penetrate the roof and tie into the structure. Lastly, we have the ability to create custom sizing for most situations and jobs. So don’t forget to get your ducts in a row!…and supported right!

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