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Toll-Free: +1 (866) 444-0009

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products made from?

Our C-Ports are made from 100% post-consumer rubber from tires. Saving the planet one shredded and reused tire at a time!

Since your products are made from rubber, can they melt?

Since our products are made from recycled tires (a thermoset material), they will not melt.  Otherwise the tires on your cars would turn into a puddle if they got too hot!

Do your products contribute to LEED credits?

Yes, our C-Ports may help you to get your LEED certification!

Where can I buy your products?

We have distributors across the US and Canada. There might even be someone in your city! Email sales@clearline.ca and we can direct you to the nearest distributor.

Who do I talk to if I want to place an order?

Send an email to sales@clearline.ca with your order!

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