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The #1 Choice for Globally for 20 Years
We build support systems for
The #1 Choice for Globally for 20 Years
We build support systems for

10 Year Limited Warranty

Our products are made to outlast the roof. We back up all of our products with a 10-year limited warranty to ensure that you get North America's best pipe support worry-free.

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hear from our customers

We have used C-Port products for about 10 years now and absolutely LOVE their products. Our customers are pleased and reassured that their gas piping is properly supported in a manner that does not damage their flat roof in the short and the long term. We highly recommend their products.


Shakell Heating and Cooling
We love the adjustability of the CE10-12. It makes our life a lot easier. Once we started using C-Port’s products, we decided we’ll never go back to wood blocks again.


Right Choice Electrical
I am glad I decided to get pricing for the C10 C-Port units. The specifying consultant loved them, and the installation was incredibly simple. We are now including them in all our re-roof quotes and I would recommend this product for any rooftop support installation.


Leading Edge Roofing and Consulting, Inc.
Accuracy, customer support and on-time delivery are the three variables that are critical for us at Solar Optimum. C-Port was able to accomplish all three and more. The C-Port pipe support was exactly what we needed for a very important solar installation. Thank you to the C-Port team!


Solar Optimum, Inc.
The supports worked just as planned – PERFECT! Thanks so much for your support in this project.


Paradigm Partners
One of the key features that we at Artisan Electric look for is the low-profile support which allows us to install conduits close to the solar modules without any worry about shading which would decrease efficiency of the solar array. C-Port’s products also provide sturdiness/weight which actually keeps the conduits in place and allows for a better install.


Artisan Electric Solar