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Rooftop Supports vs. Roof Curbs

Throughout the history of construction, builders and property owners have not had many choices when it came to the implementation of different products and materials until recently. For the most part, the question was, “should we use a 4×4, 2×4, or 2×6?”  Now, in the current and modern era of construction, there are many options for all needs, but in turn, these options present more questions.   

In saying so, when was the last time that you climbed onto your roof and looked at what was supporting your HVAC system or other mechanical systems? The chances are that your equipment is being supported by a combination of 4×4, 2×4, and 2×6 boards. Wood supports pose potential issues to your roof (read about it in our blog here), that are potentially costly yet easily preventable. Before you rush to get onto your roof to check your HVAC system and equipment support situation, let me present to you the facts of your roof curbs and an alternative support option. 

What is a roof curb? 

A roof curb is a frame (usually constructed using aluminum alloy or galvanized steel with wood) used to secure mechanical equipment such as HVAC units, skylights, AC units, and fans. The curb distributes the weight of what is being supported while also elevating it to allow access to ductwork or the underside of the piece of equipment.  

The installation of a roof curb to an already existing roof is an invasive process. The carpenter must cut a hole into the existing roof, place the curb securely in place, and then replace the building materials around the newly installed curb. The ductwork from the building is then connected to the opening of the curb and sealed airtightRoof curbs are produced for numerous different placements and roof types and can be customized for the intended purpose and roof type.   

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