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How To Spot Clean An EPDM Roof

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  • Bucket of water
  • Sponge
  • Medium bristle brush
  • Tilex bathroom
epdm Roofing what u need to know

Before we get into how to clean an EPDM roof, check with the EPDM manufacturer for proper instructions to avoid any damages.

There are no ingredients in EPDM rubber roofing that will promote the growth of mold and/or mildew. Atmospheric dirt, shade, sun, humidity, and moisture are some of the contributing factors that form mold and/or mildew. Regular cleaning of your rubber roof will help prevent mold and/or mildew from forming on the EPDM roof.

There are varying opinions on how often you should clean your roof. The important factor in all of this is having a proper preventative maintenance plan. Noticing where the dirt, debris, and water can accumulate and acting on it will be a key factor in improving the longevity of the roof.

Mold and/or mildew on your EPDM roof is simply a parasite that attaches itself to the roof and grows – similar to bathroom mold that grows in your shower. It does not attack the membrane but is unsightly and if allowed to grow will discolor the roof completely and may become a stain that cannot be removed.

Please note, the removal of mold and/or mildew is not a job to be rushed.

Tilex is a bathroom cleaner that can be purchased at many grocery stores or discount stores. Tilex contains strong chemicals. The label on the bottle will indicate that the Tilex should not come in contact with painted or aluminum surfaces. If it drips over the sidewalls or comes in contact with painted or aluminum surfaces, wipe immediately with a damp sponge.

WORK WITH A SMALL AREA in order to maintain control. Spray a small area approximately 2’ x 2’ with the Tilex. Allow the Tilex to remain on the roof for 3-10 minutes per area. Scrub the area with the medium bristle brush. After scrubbing, wipe with a damp cloth.

When finished with whatever time frame you intend to spend on the roof (whether you do the entire roof or just a portion) rinse the roof thoroughly with a garden hose. Check out our blog on how to adhere EPDM to EPDM HERE – often debris and mildew can accumulate close to creases. This article will show you where the smaller forgotten about joints will be. 

Be sure to rinse windows and sidewalls as well.

Most often, one application is all that is needed to alleviate the problem. Depending on the amount of mold and/or mildew and the length of time growing, more than one application may be necessary.

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