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CMPW Heavy Duty Series

The CMPW Mechanical platforms are designed to elevate rooftop mechanical units and other devices. CMPW Mechanical Supports comes either as a frame with rails or equipped with a deck made from 12″ x 2-1/2″ x 13 gauge steel grating (Referred to with a “D”). The support bases are C-Port CXW supports. The support platforms are customizable in all dimensions per the project requirements. Consult roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof loading.

Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.

CMPW-363612-4436” (914mm)36” (914mm)12” (305mm)4000 lbs
CMPW-363612-4D436” (914mm)36” (914mm)12” (305mm)4000 lbs
CMPW-484812-4448” (1219mm)48” (1219mm)12” (305mm)3000 lbs
CMPW-484812-4D448” (1219mm)48” (1219mm)12” (305mm)3000 lbs
CMPW-606012-6660” (1524mm)60” (1524mm)12” (305mm)2500 lbs
CMPW-606012-6D660” (1524mm)60” (1524mm)12” (305mm)2500 lbs
CMPW-487212-6648” (1219mm)72” (1828mm)12” (305mm)6000 lbs
CMPW-487212-6D648” (1219mm)72” (1828mm)12” (305mm)6000 lbs

General Information

Base - 100% recycled rubber, UV resistant

Platform - Pre-Galvanized Steel

10 Years

May qualify for L.E.E.D credits.