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CW Series

The CW Series is our economical wide body channel support. It offers additional stability and load-bearing capacity over our C Series. The CW Series is designed to support gas and refrigeration piping systems, cable trays, electrical conduit, or hundreds of other applications.

Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.

CW123 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)12” (305mm)9.5 lbs1200 lbs
CW243 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)24” (610mm)19 lbs2400 lbs
CW363 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)36” (914mm)28.5 lbs3600 lbs
CW483 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)48” (1219mm)38 lbs4800 lbs
CW603 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)60” (1524mm)47.5 lbs6000 lbs
CW723 5⁄16” (84mm)12” (305mm)72” (1829mm)57 lbs7200 lbs

General Information

Base - 100% recycled rubber, UV resistant

Strut - 14 gauge galvanized channel strut (13/16” high)

10 Years

May  qualify for L.E.E.D credits.