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CP Series

The CP Series is designed as a non-penetrating, bring-to-level support to create a level platform on sloped surfaces. It is used for air conditioning, air condensing, HVAC, and other electrical units. The free-flowing leg system allows for water passage. Other features include: the prohibiting of moss and mould growth, easy installation, easy movement brackets that are suitable for all types of equipment, and it’s adjustable. Consult roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof loading.

Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.

CP36-243624” (610mm)24” (610mm)36” (914mm)267.08 lbs600 lbs
CP36-244824” (610mm)24” (610mm)48” (1219mm)270.92 lbs600 lbs
CP36-247224” (610mm)24” (610mm)72” (1829mm)3102.5 lbs600 lbs

General Information

Base - 100% recycled rubber, UV resistant

Platform - Galvanized steel

10 Years

May qualify for L.E.E.D credits.