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C510 & C6 Series

The C510 & C6 Series provide additional height beyond the C Series to meet various building codes. Just like the C Series, they are designed for support of gas and refrigeration piping systems, cable tray, electrical conduit, multiple lines, HVAC equipment and hundreds of other applications.

Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.

C5105 3⁄4” (146mm)6” (152mm)9.6” (244mm)6.25 lbs750 lbs
C6106 1⁄8” (156mm)6” (152mm)9.6” (244mm)6.67 lbs1500 lbs
C6206 1⁄8” (156mm)6” (152mm)19.2” (487mm)13.34 lbs2250 lbs
C6306 1⁄8” (156mm)6” (152mm)28.8” (731mm)20.01 lbs3000 lbs
C6406 1⁄8” (156mm)6” (152mm)38.5” (978mm)26.68 lbs3750 lbs

General Information

Base - 100% recycled rubber, UV resistant

Strut - 14 gauge galvanized channel strut (1 5/8” high)

10 Years

May  qualify for L.E.E.D credits.