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How to Clean & Maintain Your TPO Roof

By now you have made the decision to install a TPO roof on your home or building. If you are still trying to make the decision between a TPO roof or an EPDM roof, see our blogs.

5 Pro’s (and 2 Cons) Of TPO Roofing

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The Importance of TPO Maintenance 

Debris and dirt can accumulate on any flat roof which can become a petri dish for mold, mildew, algae and plant growth. That same debris can become a food source for birds and other pests. All these factors can settle and compromise the roofing membrane, which may cause leaks.

This is exactly why having a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your roof will last the maximum amount of time is key to protecting your investment. 

You should always consult a professional roofing contractor or roofing consultant before going forward with any cleaning.

Pre-Cleaning TPO Roof

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There are several factors that affect how often you should clean your TPO roof. Some of those factors are climate, amount of precipitation, roof slope, drainage factors & dust and wind conditions. 

Before you begin cleaning, ensure that you protect all the areas where water could enter such as low curbs and base flashing.

Cleaning As Part Of Roof Maintenance 

Cleaning should be a regular part of the preventive maintenance plan. Keeping the TPO roof clean will help keep the energy savings within the structure by continuing to reflect away sunlight and keep the building cool in the warm months. It will also prevent the growth of mold & mildew. Lastly, it will help reduce any damage from chemical contaminants that may compromise the membranes ability to perform. 

Steps To Clean

1. Once your prep work is finished, start by using a low pressure power washer to rinse off any surface layer dust and debris. NOTE: Choose a pressure washer of 2,000 PSI or under. 

2. Use a soft bristle push broom with a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is TPO safe. You can also make one yourself by using a mild household detergent and water to clean the surface of the roof membrane. (check with your TPO manufacturer before applying any cleaner or chemical to the membrane)

3. Clean the roof in sections – work towards the drain by “pushing” the dirt and run off into it.

4. Use your pressure washer to rinse the cleaner and dirt off, again working towards the drain.

5. Visually inspect for remaining dirt – Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary.

6. Do one final walk through inspection to ensure there was no damage to the membrane during the cleaning. Check the seams and around curbs or other transition areas.

PRO TIP – Depending on your roof size and amount of dirt, you will likely want to get a professional rotating jet cleaner to use instead of a soft bristle push broom.

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