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The CZ Series – For All Your Seismic Needs

Do you need a rooftop pipe support for seismic installation?  Contrary to our other products, our CZ Series is the only C-Port designed to be penetrating rooftop support specifically for this application.

cz_Seismic_seriesC-Port boasts a “non-penetrating” approach to rooftop pipe supports, however, we are also very prepared for seismic zones. There are some instances, depending on where you are, that you may need roof support that penetrates the roof and can be attached to the roof deck. Some territories are in seismic zones. This means that there are alterations to the existing layout of rooftop equipment (in this scenario) and our CZ series is a component that can be incorporated into a approved seismic approved system.

See The CZ Series Here

How the CZ Series Works

CZ Seismic Series Drawing

The CZ Series has 2 threaded rods that protrude through the bottom of the support. Each threaded rod comes equipped with two nuts, two washers, and two pieces of roofing membrane (either EPDM or TPO). This system allows the pipe support to tie into the roof deck securely but also has the roofing membrane attached to complete the project with a leak-proof finish.

The Preparation 

As you can see in the cross-section photo above, the CZ series will be installed on two 2×8’s that are stacked on top of each other. The single-ply roofing membrane then gets installed over the 2×8’s (and over the rest of the roof as per a typical installation). 

Depending on the membrane that the roof is made from, the contractor can either adhere to the membrane pieces or heat welding it to the existing roof. See below for instructions on how to properly. 

How To: Adhere EPDM To EPDM

How To: Heat Weld TPO

Here’s a video of Neil Krovats, President of Clearline Technologies explaining how our CZ Series works as well as a quick overview of how to install it.

We are able to customize all of our products with the seismic feature. If you have any questions regarding this product or installation, please do not hesitate to email us at or get in touch with the C-Port rep or distributor in your area.

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